Warehousing & Logistics

Mainfreight has a wide offer of warehouse space. No less than 150.000 m² storage facilities spread over three locations are being used for logistic services to various clients. The services we offer include handling of inbound flows of goods, storage, outbound flows of goods and “value added services”.

Incoming flows
The management of incoming flows of goods starts with order acceptation and finishes with possible storage of the goods, including:

  • Reception and A-check of the goods
  • Quality control after registration of irregularities
  • Scanning and storage
  • Cross-docking

Bulk or rack storage in accordance with product specific characteristics, which includes following activities

  • Regular cycle counts
  • Annual inventory in collaboration with the client
  • Master data management
  • Status management at unit/piece level
  • Our WMS system allows tracing on product serial number

Outbound flow
Both for finished products and production parts the management of outbound flows of goods takes place in function of the client's specifications

  • For finished products
    • Replenishment picking in full loads
    • Detail-picking according to client orders (in the function of distribution centre)
  • For production parts
    • Delivery per call
    • Replenishment picking and delivery
    • Just-in-time delivery
    • Direct Kanban picking and delivery on production lines


More information

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Mainfreight Logistic Services Belgium
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8400 Oostende
T: +32 (0)59 400 400
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Mainfreight Logistic Services Belgium
Amerigo Vespuccistraat 2B
9940 Evergem
T: +32 (0)59 400 400
F: +32 (0)59 565 574
E: sales@be.mainfreight.com

Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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