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Sustainability award voor CHEP en Wim Bosman tijdens Air Chase Competition Event VIB

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Weybridge, UK –  July 2011CHEP Benelux and its transporter partner Wim Bosman have received a sustainability award by the Belgium Association for Purchasing and Business Logistics (VIB) in its annual Air Chase (transporting less air) Competition celebrated recently in Antwerp, Belgium. The competition is intended to encourage the efficient loading and scheduling of vehicles and, thus, more sustainable and greener transportation management logistics.

The VIB award recognizes a collaborative effort between CHEP Benelux and Wim Bosman to improve pallet collections from small distributor sites with significant sustainability gains, including fewer empty collection trucks on the road and reduced CO2 emissions.

“We believed that by partnering with a transporter like Wim Bosman, which specializes in dense distribution, we could benefit by their presence in the marketplace. Their drivers routinely make deliveries to sites where we have pallets to be collected,” said Gino Vandoorne, CHEP Europe Logistics Program Manager for Customer Collaboration and Sustainability “We reasoned that a driver could collect the pallets, then return home, optimizing his backhaul. CHEP would pick them up as full trailer loads from the transporter.” he explained.

Today a network of 300 Wim Bosman drivers within the Benelux collects pallets from smaller distributors as well as stray pallets wherever they spot them. The success of the project required close collaboration with the transporter through data sharing to determine the locations where the two companies have mutual delivery/collection sites. It also included adaptation of on-board truck computers and driver training.

The results of the joint project are impressive. In addition to eliminating 35 tons of carbon emissions by reducing empty truck miles, the project has achieved cost savings of 5% to 10%, depending on the country; no driver waiting times; and no empty miles. About 20% more pallets are being recovered as a result of the optimization plan, plus more than 1,200 stray pallets have been recovered by Wim Bosman drivers, one and two at a time in many cases.

Juan José Freijo, Director of Sustainability for CHEP Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), stated, “The success of this project shows the potential we have in logistics for achieving positive results when we work closely together with our customers and partners.  Recognition from an external party such as VIB is not easy to get,” he observed. “We are constantly looking for continuous improvement opportunities to drive both efficiency and sustainability through our processes, products and service offerings.”

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